First Time?

First Time?


For the best and most GLOWing skin, is very important to take care of your skin/tan before and after your spray tan. If all steps are not followed it may effect the development of the spray tan.


-Your body should be free of any lotions, deodorants or perfume

-Shaved or waxed, exfoliated, clean skin is the best canvas for your tan

-Bring lose fitting clothing to wear home after your tan is applied


-Please inform us of any skin problems, trouble spots or any known issues you may have had with other sunless tanning products

-The application takes approximately 5 minutes but plan on a total of 20-25 minutes for your appointment time

-You may wear whatever you are comfortable with during the may undress to your comfort level. We ask men wear briefs, shorts or a swimsuit.  Any clothing you wear during the session can be laundered once to remove any solution. Black, lose fitting clothing is best to wear after tan application as well as flip flop type footwear. If you plan to sleep in your tan, long sleeve top and bottoms are suggested to wear to bed in order to avoid any skin to skin contact.

-We recommend applying lip balm to your lips prior to the airbrush application


-You must wait 3-4 hours before you can expose your skin to water, sweating, working out or showering

-The bronzer you see initially is just a surface bronzer and color guide. Your tan is developing underneath. During your first shower, you will see the surface bronzer wash off in the shower leaving you with a beautiful sun kissed color.

-Do not use any harsh soaps/bar soaps or exfoliants during your first shower, simply rinse off and pat dry with a soft towel. Any excessive scrubbing, exfoliators or harsh soaps will make  your tan fade faster

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize post-tan!! Moisturizing correctly will extend the life of your tan and make it fade evenly

-Hydrate your skin! Hydrated skin is happy glowing skin, your tan and (body) will thank you


-Special events: tan 2 days prior; vacation: tan 1 day prior

-Please schedule all waxing, manicures/pedicures, facials, laser treatments and massage appointments PRIOR to receiving your airbrush tan

-Swimming or soaking in chlorinated pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms will shorten the life of your tan

-Your GLOW airbrush tan does not provide any sun protection so please remember to wear plenty of sunblock if you go in the sun-organic, paraben free sunscreen is best

-Skin care products containing retinol, alpha hydroxy or saliycitic acid will promote skin cell turnover and will fade your tan faster as will products containing alcohol and most bar soaps

-Always exfoliate any remaining tan off your skin before your next tanning appointment

-Pregnancy: while we tan many pregnant clients, we always recommend getting approval from your doctor prior to booking.

-Show off your GLOWing skin!!!